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The event sponsor will create an event using the calendar administrative interface (similar to the current process) selecting a facility and saving the event. Using the “Send Notification” option the event sponsor will notify Dean/VP of event and request comment on event priority (priority rating, rate category, etc.). Event will only be visible to the event sponsor at this point and no workflow for facilities will be kicked off.

Event Sponsor

  1. Create an event.

  2. Make the facility request.

  3. After finalizing the event, select "Save Event" and "Go to Event Notification Page" so the event is not published (no facility request will be made) and you will proceed to a screen that will allow you to notify your VP.

  4. On the "Event Notification" page, select "Email Includes Internal Notes and Comments Log" and "Third Party Recipients" where you will enter the VP's email address. Enter a subject and message then click "Submit".

  5. The following screen will show an overview of the message. Click "Submit" to send the notification.

The Dean/VP will receive an email and click on a link to proceed to a comment form. A single web page will present the event details and a form with a single comment field for the Dean/VP to submit a comment indicating rate category to be set for the event.


  1. Dean/VP will receive email with link to proceed to a comment form.

  2. Dean/VP will add in comments indicating rate category along with first name and last name then clicks "Add".

  3. Upon successful add of comment, it will be recorded to the "Internal Event Comment Log". This finishes their workflow process.

The event sponsor will check Saved event(s) to see if a comment has been submitted by Dean/VP. If comment has been submitted the event sponsor will set the rate category, as indicated in the comment and the event will be released. If event's facility is within the event sponsor’s jurisdiction, the event will show up in calendar upon the event’s release. If the event's facility is outside of event sponsor’s jurisdiction, release of event will trigger facility workflow. The event will not show up in public calendar until the facility is approved.

Event Sponsor

  1. Log into your account or click "Main Menu" if already logged in. Access/modify your saved event by clicking the event name or clicking action and selecting modify. Please take care if using the latter method to edit the event as accidentally selecting delete and clicking off of the drop-down menu will delete your event with no confirmation.

  2. Upon modifying the event, you will see the comments log and the comment posted by the VP/Dean.

  3. Proceed to the "Details & Registration" tab where you will select the rate category indicated by the Dean/VP and whether or not attendees are to be charged.

  4. Now you may select "Release Event" and click "Finish".

  5. Upon submission of the event, you will see a message indicating that the event will be put into the workflow instead of the normal successful publish to calendar message. In this case, the facility owner will receive an email.

The facility owner will approve or deny the facility request, triggering email to the event sponsor. Approval of facility will result in event being displayed in calendar. Denial of facility request will require the event sponsor to select an alternative facility and release the event, triggering facility workflow again.

Facility Owner

  1. Facility owner will receive an email indicating a facility request for an event with event details in message.

  2. Click on either the "Event Name" link to go into further detail for the event or select "Approve" or "Deny" from the Action drop-down for instant approval/denial.

  3. If you click on the "Event Name" link, you will see an overview of the event with options to approve/deny the event.

  4. If you deny the event, you will receive a prompt to indicate the reason for denial. The event sponsor will receive a message indicating the request was denied and will have to restart the facility request process.

  5. If you approve the event, the event will be published into the calendar. The event sponsor will receive a message indicating the request was approved.

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