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This management area focuses on

  1. individual, group, and organizational attributes and behavior to describe and explain the functioning and structuring of work organizations and
  2. the practical aspects of human resource management.

Students seeking managerial careers in any business function can valuably learn about leadership, motivation, morale, performance, teams, organizational culture, and managers can gain technical knowledge about selection, performance appraisal, training, compensation, workforce diversity, work and family programs, and strategic human resource management.

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Major Courses    (12 credits)

Developing Managerial Skills3 credits
Human Resource Management3 credits

Choose two courses from:
Organization Design and Behavior3 credits
Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness3 credits
Organizational Development3 credits
Research Methodology in Organization3 credits
Seminar in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations3 credits
Problems in Human Resource Management3 credits
Management of Compensation3 credits
Managerial Careers and Interpersonal Relations3 credits
Labor Relations3 credits
Collective Bargaining3 credits
Employee Development and Training3 credits
Dispute Resolution3 credits
International Human Resource Management3 credits
Management Science3 credits
Negotiation3 credits
International Comparative Management3 credits
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