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In today’s competitive business environment, Information Technology plays a central role in developing strategies for competitive advantage. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Systems (IS) is a four-course major that provides students with the managerial and high-level technical skills necessary for effective business leaders.

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that employment of IS managers will grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2016. The BLS also indicates that technical knowledge is very important for many managerial positions.

Students can select from a range of courses in the major to focus on specific technologies and strategic areas of interest, such as information technology in financial markets, e-business, database management systems, and global IT. Graduates of the MBA in IS are equipped with a comprehensive business education, while specializing on the role of Information Technology in shaping, enabling, and delivering a company’s strategic goals.

In addition to the MBA in IS, the Zicklin School also offers a Master of Science degree program in Information Systems.

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Courses in Major    (13.5 credits)

"Flexible core" course required for Information Systems majors (1.5 credits)*

CIS 9002 Information Systems for Managers II - Managing and Harnessing Technology*1.5 credits

 *CIS 9002 will apply towards the maximum 18 credits students can take in their MBA major. This flexible core course requirement applies to the curriculum for students admitted in fall 2011 or later, or for students admitted prior to fall 2011 who have elected to complete the MBA under the new curriculum.

Courses in major (12 credits)
Information Technologies Courses    (6 credits)

Choose two of the following**
CIS 9340 Principles of Database Management Systems3 credits
CIS 9350 Networks and Telecommunications3 credits
CIS 9355 Cybersecurity3 credits
CIS 9444 E-Business Principles and Technologies***3 credits
CIS 9467 Business Modeling with Spreadsheets3 credits
CIS 9480 Information Technology Project Management3 credits
CIS 9490 Systems Analysis and Design3 credits
CIS 9556 Risk Management Systems***3 credits
CIS 9590 Information Systems Development Project3 credits
CIS 9650 Programming for Analytics3 credits
CIS 9655 Data Visualization3 credits
CIS 9660  Data Mining for Business Analytics

( STA 9660 )

 3 credits
CIS 9791  Special Topics in Information Systems Technologies 1.5 credits
CIS 9793 

(formerly CIS 9771 )

Special Topics in Information Technologies3 credits

Information Systems Strategy Courses    (6 credits)

Choose two of the following:**
CIS 9230 Globalization and Technology3 credits
CIS 9240 Sustainablility and IT3 credits
CIS 9375 Social Technology and Business3 credits
CIS 9444 E-Business Principles and Technologies***3 credits
CIS 9445 Digital Media Management3 credits
CIS 9555 Information Technology in Financial Markets3 credits
CIS 9556 Risk Management Systems*** 
CIS 9557 Business Intelligence3 credits
CIS 9700 Integrating Information Technology and Business Processes3 credits
CIS 9795 Special Topics in Information Systems Strategy1.5 credits
CIS 9797 

(formerly CIS 9775 )

Special Topics in Information Systems Strategy3 credits

Students are welcome to construct an alternate program of 9000-level IS courses with the permission of the IS graduate advisor.

**Elective choices updated as of spring 2016.

***Course may be used as either an "Information Technologies" course or an "Information Systems Strategy" course.

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