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The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences ad hoc major requires a minimum consists of 30-33 credits, with at least 24 liberal arts credits. The major must contain courses from at least two different Weissman departments, with a minimum of three courses (9–12 credits) from each of those departments, and may contain no more than two courses from the discipline in which the student intends to complete a minor (those one or two courses cannot be used toward completion of the minor). A maximum of three non–liberal arts courses may be included in an ad hoc major to provide support and/or supplementation to a strong liberal arts concept. No more than three courses from the Zicklin School of Business (3000-level and above) may be used in a Weissman ad hoc major. Students interested in including business courses in their ad hoc major should refer to the following website for the list of courses approved for use: