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Comment: minor text edits for Dean/VP workflow


The Dean/VP will receive an email and click on a link in the email to proceed to a an event comment form. A single web page will present the event details and , a form with a single comment field for the Dean/VP to submit indicate a comment indicating rate category to be set used for the event, and fields for their first and last names.

  1. Dean/VP You will receive an email with a link to a an event comment form. They can also click Click on the space policy link to review rate categoriesproceed to the event comment form.

  2. Dean/VP will enter comments indicating  the On the event comment page you will review the event details (date, time, description, and location), as well as any notes included in the “Internal Notes”. You will then indicate the rate category to be used , along with their (from Appendix B of the Space Reservation Policy) in the “Add Your Comments” field, enter your name in the First Name and Last Name fields, and then click the "Add" button.

  3. Upon addition of the comment it will be recorded to the "Internal Event Comment Log" and complete the VP/Dean workflow process for the event.
    This completes the Dean/VP /Dean workflow process for the event.