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  • If a Space Manager has approved or denied your request, you should receive an email like the one below.

  • You can also check the "Change Log" to see if a room has been approved or denied. This page is shown after you select an event to modify on the "Modify/Cancel/Delete" page.

    If a Space Manager has approved/denied a facility, you should see something like this in the change log:
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I've received an email that says "Facility Requested for Event placed in Review/Wait List Status", what does that mean?

  • If you received an email similar to the one shown below, it means that another event requesting the same facility within a period of time that overlaps with your event has been approved for the room. This room is no longer available for your event.

    You should modify your event and request another room or change the start/end times for your event to a time in which the room is available.

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