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For additional program information see the Zicklin School website

This Zicklin School of Business specialization provides students with the conceptual foundations, analytic tools, and strategic perspectives necessary to manage operations in the service sector. All courses use problems and cases drawn from such industries as retailing, banking, transportation, insurance, and health care to illustrate material that traditionally focuses only on manufacturing. Students learn techniques to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce cost. They also learn the strategic implications and unique role of services.

The production of both tangible goods and intangible services requires pragmatic management of a wide spectrum of operations. The courses in this major provide training in the rational, systematic approach to management planning, decision making, and control. Quantitative models and methods are integrated with case studies in courses on management information systems, production planning, capacity planning, inventory control, facility and materials management, quality control, and productivity management.

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Major Courses   (15 credits)

"Flexible core" courses required for Management (Concentration in Operations Management) majors*

ACC 9125

Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting1.5 credits

MGT 9704

Service Operations Management II1.5 credits


MGT 9500

Management Science3 credits

MGT 9710

Quantitative Analysis for Service Management3 credits

MGT 9720

Service Management Strategies3 credits

Choose one course from:

MGT 9560

Management Information Systems3 credits

MGT 9730

Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation3 credits

MGT 9740

Sustainability in Supply Chains and Operations3 credits

OPR 9730

Simulation Modeling and Analysis3 credits

*ACC 9125 and MGT 9704 will apply towards the maximum 18 credits students can take in their MBA major. Note: the flexible core course requirements apply to the curriculum for students admitted in fall 2011 or later, or students admitted prior to fall 2011 who have elected to complete the MBA under the new curriculum.