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Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software The tutorial manual and data used for the GIS Practicum, an introductory GIS workshop using QGIS
Working with Raster Data in QGIS An addendum to the GIS Practicum, this tutorial focuses on working with raster data in QGIS
NYC GeodatabaseThis resource includes a detailed tutorial on working with spatial SQL in a Spatialite geodatabase
Census TutorialsBrief tutorials on working with US Census data
Introduction to Carto Using the Github Student Developer PackDemonstrates the interface, adding tables and shapefiles, summarizing data, and creating a map. Carto is free for current students who register for the developer pack
Bringing Data Into CARTODemonstrates how to import shapefiles, merge data tables, and plot coordinate files in the web mapping platform CARTO(this tutorial is for the fuller version of Carto that is no longer freely available)

Research Guides

(Hosted outside the Geoportal)