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  • Yin, N. (2013). Partial benefits in the social security disability insurance program. Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Black and


Latino Studies Department

Tshombe Miles

  • Miles, T. (2013). Black leadership and their idea of freedom. Routledge Press.

Communication Studies Department

William Boddy

  • Boddy, W. (2013). “Frühes kino und frühe werbetheorien in den USA”. Zeitschrift fur Medienwissenschaft(9), 20-30. Abstract


  • Merkin, R., Taras, V., Steel, P. (2013). State-of-the-art themes in cross-cultural communication research: A meta-analytic review. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 1-40 doi:10.1016/j.ijintrel.2013.10.004. Abstract

English Department

Timothy Aubry

John Brenkman

Fine and Performing Arts Department

Katherine Behar

Terry Berkowitz


History Department

Ervand Abrahamian

  • Abrahamian, E. (2013). Iran. In M. Kesselman, J. Krieger, & W. Joseph (Eds.), Introduction to Comparative Politics (6th ed., pp. 576-619). Boston, Mass: Cengage.


  • Trumbach, R. (2013). From age to gender, 1500-1750: From the adolescent male to the adult effeminate body. In S. Toulalan & K. Fisher (Eds.), The Routledge History of Sex and the Body, 1500 to the Present (pp. 123-141). New York and London: Routledge.

Journalism and the Writing Professions Department

Andrea Gabor

  • Remler, D., Waisanen, D., Gabor, A. (2013). Academic journalists: A modest proposal. Journalism Studies, 1-17. DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2013.821321. Abstract


Mathematics Department

Michael Carlisle


Modern Languages and Comparative Literature Department

Esther Allen

  • Prieto, J. M. (2013). Encyclopedia of a Life in Russia. (E. Allen, Trans). Grove Press.
  • Allen, E. (2013). Footnotes sans frontières: Translation and textual scholarship. In B. Nelson and B. Maher (Eds.), Perspectives on literature and translation (pp. 210-220). Routledge.
  • Allen, E. (2013). The will to translate: Four episodes in a local history of global cultural exchange. In E. Allen & S. Bernofsky (Eds.), In translation: Translators on their work and what it means. New York: Columbia University Press.
  • Hernandez, F. (2013). The Crocodile. (E. Allen, Trans). In F. Dostoevsky and F. Hernandez, Two crocodiles. New York, New York: New Directions.
  • Allen, E. (2013). Cipher with the Rim Knocked Off. Fence, 15(2), 25-31.


Natural Sciences Department

Stefan Bathe


Philosophy Department

None reported.


Political Science Department

Stephanie Golob


Els de Graauw


Psychology Department

Glenn L. Albright



Sociology and Anthropology Department

Carla Bellamy

  • Bellamy, C. (2013). Another's world: Healing at Husain Tekri Sharif. In E. F. Kent & T. R. Kassam (Eds.), Lines in water: Religious boundaries in South Asia. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press.


  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Disability is the new black: The rise of the "cleft lip and palate program" in transracial international adoption. In V. Treitler (Ed.), Race in international and transracial adoption. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Theorizing the field: Beyond blurred boundaries and into the thick of things. In T. M. Brown and J. Dreby (Eds.), Family and work in everyday ethnography (pp. 17-30). Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). What do mothers need? Midwives! In A. O'Reilly (Ed.), What do mothers need? (pp. 147-155). Toronto: Demeter Press.
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Writing in practice. In A. Harris and A. R. Tyner-Mullings (Ed.), Writing for emerging sociologists (pp. 30-32). Sage Publications.
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Who's the mother? Midwifery care in adoption and surrogacy. Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice, 12(2), 19-28.
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Caught between autonomy and caring. Midwives Information and Resource Service. Midwifery Digest. 23(2), 143-150.     
  • Rothman, B. K. (2013). Midwifery skills: On expertise and craft. Midwives Information and Resource Service, 4(2), 17-23.
  • Rothman, B. K., Davis, Deary (2013). Pregnancy, birth and food. In P. B. Thompson and D. M. Kaplan (Ed.), Encyclopedia of food and agricultural ethics. Springer.

Stan Ross Department of Accountancy

Jeremy Bertomeu


Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance

Linda Allen

  • Allen, L., Saunders, A. (2013). Revisiting risk management in banking. Oxford handbook of banking (Vol. 2).


Law Department


Elliot Axelrod


Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management


Tolga Aydinliyim


Zhu Zhu


Allen G. Aronson Department of Marketing and International Business

Lauren Block

  • Ilyuk, V., Irmak, C., Kramer, T., Block, L. (2013). Efficacy Expectations and Adherence: Evidence of Consumer Biases and Heuristics in Pharmaceutical Marketing, In M. Ding, J. Eliashberg & S. Stremersch (Eds.), Innovation and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry (315-344). New York: Springer     
  • Block, L., Wilcox, K. (2013). Self-Control and spending. In A. Ruvio and R. Belk (Eds.), The Routledge companion to identity and consumption (pp. 227-234). London: Routledge
  • Block, L., European Association for Consumer Research, Association for Consumer Research, Barcelona Spain, "Does Cash or Credit Increase Unhealthy Food Purchasing: A Reconciliation of Conflicting Evidence", Conference, International. (July 2013).
  • Block, L. (2013). Food decision-making. Journal  of Consumer Research, 39(5), iv-vi.


Hirokazu Takada


Cliff Wymbs

William Newman Department of Real Estate

Su Han Chan



Statistics and Computer Information Systems Department

Raquel Benbunan-Fich