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Areas of Specialization


The specialization in accountancy is designed to educate the future accounting researcher and teacher in conceptual and empirical development and applications. The program encompasses in-depth study of the entire field of accounting.


The doctoral specialization in finance is designed to prepare qualified candidates for academic careers in teaching and research and for advanced-level research positions in industrial and financial organizations. The program is intensive and analytical in nature, relying heavily on the economics and quantitative disciplines for its foundations. Students interested in research in the field of real estate would take most of their course work in the finance specialization.


The information systems specialization is designed to prepare information systems scholars for careers as researchers and educators in university programs, as well as information systems professionals in industry. This program builds upon a firm technical foundation in such areas as programming, database management, telecommunications, and systems analysis and design. It provides students with a strong grounding in information systems research methodology and the current state of information systems research in such areas as electronic markets, e-commerce, global information systems, information retrieval, intelligent systems, financial information systems, information economics, and computermediated communication systems, among others.


The management planning specialization prepares the candidate for teaching and research in the areas of operations management, management science, and production management. The theoretical foundations of the specialization are drawn from planning and decision theory.


Marketing involves the development and distribution of goods and services throughout an economy. Course work and seminars in this specialization concentrate on consumer behavior theory, international marketing, attitude and communications research, cross-cultural consumer research problems, marketing strategy, theory development, and research design. The marketing specialization is designed for students with prior training in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, or business disciplines. Graduates of the program find employment teaching consumer behavior, marketing, and marketing management.


The specialization of organizational behavior and human resources focuses on individual and organizational processes. Among the concerns of the program are performance effectiveness, those factors that influence policy and planning decisions, and the conditions under which organizations may be designed to maximize their positive effects on those who are employed and affected by them. The program incorporates behavioral and policy perspectives. Graduates of the program are currently employed by universities and other organizations in both the public and private sectors.