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The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA) is the public policy advocacy and analysis degree that makes a difference. Students learn to formulate, implement, and evaluate creative solutions to challenging global, national, state, and local problems. The emphasis is on understanding practical ways to help others and to improve public policy.

The BSPA requires 120 credits: a minimum of 30 public affairs credits and another 90 credits from the CUNY Pathways general education curriculum. In the Pathways curriculum, the recommended college option for BSPA students is a liberal arts minor. Minors relevant to public affairs include law, environmental sustainability, information studies, and survey research. BSPA students are not eligible to double major.

Public affairs courses are offered both in-person and on-line. Classes are small with 20-25 students. The professors are accomplished scholars with Ph.D. degrees from major universities or lecturers with current and previous positions as top policy leaders. The curriculum examines how public and nonprofit organizations are involved in the policy process. Civic engagement skills are developed in economic and financial analysis, political negotiations, qualitative and quantitative methods, and rhetoric. Policy areas of interest include the arts, community development, education, the environment, health care, housing, immigration, and social welfare.

BSPA majors may complete multiple internships to gain the real-world experience that attracts the interest of employers. Review School of Public and International Affairs internships for more information, or contact Professor Michael Feller, the School's Internship Director.


To become a student at Baruch College requires an application to the City University of New York (CUNY). There are separate applications for freshman and transfers from community colleges. The deadline for entry in the fall semester is February 1 and for the spring semester it is September 15. Connect to Apply to CUNY for the online application.

You may select public affairs as your major when applying to Baruch or after you arrive on campus by submitting a BSPA Major Declaration Form to or in-person to an advisor located at 135 E. 22nd Street, 4th Floor.

To gain more BSPA information, email, visit an advisor from 10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays at 135 E. 22nd Street, 4th floor (no appointment necessary), or attend a monthly information session.

Pre-requirement to the Public Affairs Major

Completion of 45 credit hours with an overall GPA of 2.25 that includes one of the following courses:

            PAF 1250 Citizenship and Public Affairs (3 credits) 


            POL 1101 American Government: Practices and Values (3 credits)

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