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Student Status:

Undergraduate: see the following table:

ClassCredits EarnedClassCredits Earned
Lower Freshman0 to 14.9Lower Junior60 to 74.9
Upper Freshman15 to 29.9Upper Junior75 to 89.9
Lower Sophomore30 to 44.9Lower Senior90 to 104.9
Upper Sophomore45 to 59.9Upper Senior105+

Course Listings

Course numbers indicate the level of the course as described below:

Courses Numbered Level:

0000-699Undergraduate Remedial; no credit.
(U)700-999Graduate Courses.
1000-1999Introductory Courses; no prerequisites.
2000-2999Introductory Courses; they require some past preparation either in high school or college.
3000-3999Intermediate Courses; prerequisites required.
4000-4999Advanced Courses; prerequisites required.
5000-5999Senior Courses; seminars, training programs, and independent studies
6000-6999Honors level only.
7000-7999Transfer Course(s) equivalents.
8000-9999Graduate Courses.


Graduate Courses, specifically, courses in research methodology, thesis, or thesis alternative.

Honors Classes

Honors courses are indicated by an 'H' following the course number.  Students with a 3.3 GPA may register for 1000- and 2000-level Honors courses and students with a 3.4 GPA and higher may register for 3000-level and above Honors courses without special permission from the Honors Program.  To find a listing of Honors courses in CUNYFirst, choose ‘contains’ in the Course Number field and insert H.


HTBAHours to be arranged with department
MASONMason Hall on the first floor of 17 Lexington
22School of Public Affairs, 137 E 22 St (Between 3rd Av. & Lex)

Lawrence & Eris Field Building (17 Lexington23 & Lexington)

25151 E 25 (Library Building) (Between 3 Av. & Lexington) 

Administrative Center 135 E 22 (Between 3 Av. & Lexington)


Vertical Campus, 1 Bernard Baruch Way (25th and Lexington)

Section Codes

Course section codes are composed of letters which indicate the hours and days of the week. Thus section AMWA meets at 7:50am on Monday & Wednesday while section BTRA meets at 9:30am on Tuesday &
Thursday. In preparing your schedule, make use of the scheduling grids which appear on the next page. This will help you to avoid conflicts in your schedule.

Room locations that do not appear on your confirmation/bill at registration will be updated prior to the beginning of the semester. It is imperative that you check your CUNYfirst account before the first day of classes, as often classroom assignments change. The College reserves the right to cancel any course or section due to insufficient enrollment or for any other reason it deems necessary. If you have registered for sections that are cancelled, you will be notified and you may change your program without charge.

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