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The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling program at Baruch College prepares its graduates to be professional practitioners in a variety of mental health settings (e.g. clinics, hospitals, counseling centers, outreach programs, and private practice settings). Students graduating from this program will be prepared to be generalists in mental health counseling with a focus on the area of health counseling.

The program provides students with a comprehensive background that emphasizes both academic coursework and supervised clinical internship training. This 60 credit master’s program operates on a cohort model whereby all students complete the same program of study. Enrollment is offered on a full-time basis only, and the program is designed in a lock-step sequence where courses taken each semester are outlined in advance.

The MHC Program is designed specifically to address the needs of those training for the mental health counseling license. When graduating from the program students are prepared for practice in a variety of settings with diverse populations. The program is approved by the New York State Education Department and meets all of the NYSED standards. After 3000 hours of supervised post-degree experience, a graduate of this program would be eligible to take an exam for licensure.


Courses in Specialization (60 credits) 

Foundations of Mental Health Counseling            3
Clinical Health Psychology 3
Clinical Instructions 3
Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Counselors 3
Psychosocial and Cultural Foundations of Counseling 3
Addiction and Dependency 3
Counseling and Group Process
Psychopathology  3
Life Span Development         
Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches in Health Psychology
Career Counseling
Coping with Grief and Trauma
Assessment and Treatment of Obesity and Eating Disorders 3
Mental Health Counseling Internship I 6
Mental Health Counseling Internship II 
Research and Program Evaluation in Mental Health Counseling



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