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The MBA with a major in finance (FIN) prepares the student for a broad range of careers in financial management and analysis. Requirements for the major are subject to change and typically involve additional course choices. You are encouraged to take advantage of these changes, but major courses that you completed previously will be honored. (For a discussion of the Executive MS in Finance)

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Preliminary Courses

The following course is required for finance majors and is subject to waiver based on prior academic course work or waiver exam. Grades in 8000-level courses are not calculated in the grade point average.

Calculus for Applications I * 3 credits

* Students may substitute MTH 2207 Applied Calculus and Matrix Applications or MTH 2610 Calculus I for MTH 8001 on a space-available basis. These undergraduate courses are each 4 hours, 4 credits; graduate tuition applies.

Major Courses                                     (12 - 18 credits)

Managerial Finance 3 credits
Investment Analysis 3 credits

Choose two of the following:*
Financial Institutions: Structure, Competition, and Public Policy 3 credits
Mergers and Acquisitions 3 credits
Entrepreneurial Finance 3 credits
E-Finance 3 credits
Real Estate Finance 3 credits
Futures and Forward Markets 3 credits
Management of Financial Institutions 3 credits
Financial Markets and Intermediaries 3 credits
International Financial Markets 3 credits
International Corporate Finance 3 credits
Equity Markets: Trading and Structure 3 credits
Seminar in Finance 3 credits
Advanced Managerial Finance 3 credits
Advanced Investment Analysis 3 credits
Debt Instruments and Markets 3 credits
Options Markets 3 credits
Selected Topics in Corporate Finance 3 credits
Selected Topics in Investments 3 credits
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