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The Masters of Science in Education, Higher Education Administration (MSEd-HEA) prepares students for leadership and supervisory positions in higher education institutions, as well as in advocacy organizations and research centers focused on post-secondary education. The curriculum covers key aspects of college administration, including governing institutions, organizing academic departments and offices, delivering student services, preparing and implementing budgets, managing collective bargaining, and conducting educational research. Contemporary topics are explored, such as online education, change management, and the globalization of higher education. In addition to SPA faculty, senior CUNY administrators teach in the program. Graduates pursue careers as executives, directors, coordinators, and analysts of programs and services.

A total of 36 credits are required for the degree if an internship is not needed. Students without at least one year of administrative work experience in higher education are required to complete a 3 credit internship for a total of 39 credits. There are 21 required credits and 15 elective credits.

Students have two options for completing the 15 elective requirements for the degree. They may complete a set of general higher education and public administration courses, or they may choose a specialization in institutional research and assessment. The specialization is for students looking for a solid grounding in research methods, statistics, learning assessment, and program evaluation. It is designed for those wanting to work in the growing field of university research and assessment as well as for those seeking to be intelligent users of research reports. Students must complete PAF 9170 in the required core if they opt for the specialization. The specialization requires two courses—PAF 9172 and PAF 9325—and the choice of three analytical courses.


Required   (21 - 24 credits)

PAF 9120 Public and Nonprofit Management I3 credits
PAF 9308 Administrative Services in Colleges and Universities3 credits
PAF 9317 


PAF 9170 

Research for the Educational Administrator


Research and Analysis I*

3 credits
PAF 9322 

Internship in Higher Education Administration**

3 credits**
PAF 9330 

Introduction to Higher Education Administration

3 credits
PAF 9336 Student Services in Higher Education3 credits
PAF 9339 The Financing of Higher Education3 credits
PAF 9390 Capstone Seminar in Higher Education Administration3 credits

Electives   (15 credits; select five)

PAF 9302 

Organizational Behavior in Colleges and Universities

3 credits
PAF 9318 

Educational Policy

3 credits
PAF 9325 Institutional Research3 credits
PAF 9332 

Information Systems in Higher Education

3 credits
PAF 9333 Curriculum and Instruction in Higher Education3 credits
PAF 9334 

Collective Bargaining in Higher Education

3 credits
PAF 9335 The Community College3 credits
PAF 9337 Issues in Urban Higher Education3 credits
PAF 9338 Higher Education, Politics, and Public Policy3 credits
PAF 9399 

Selected Topics in Educational Administration

3 credits

Requirements for the MSEd in Higher Education Administration program with a Specialization in Institutional Research and Assessment

Required Courses for the Specialization in Institutional Research and Assessment   (6 credits)

PAF 9172 Research and Analysis II3 credits
PAF 9325 Institutional Research3 credits

Elective Courses for the Specialization in Institutional Research and Assessment   (9 credits; select three)

PAF 9130 

Economic Analysis and Public Policy

3 credits
PAF 9140 

Budgeting and Financial Analysis I

3 credits
PAF 9174 Program Evaluation3 credits
PAF 9177 Selected Topics in Advanced Analytic Methods3 credits
PAF 9180 Policy Analysis3 credits
PAF 9318 Educational Policy3 credits
PAF 9332 Information Systems in Higher Education3 credits

*PAF 9170 is required of students who select the Specialization in Institutional Research and Assessment

**The internship is required of candidates who have less than one year’s experience in an administrative position in higher education. A student with such experience may apply for a waiver of this requirement. The students experience will be evaluated by a graduate advisor before an internship waiver is granted. If the internship is required, it is done as field/site work and independent study with hours to be arranged for consultations with a faculty intern advisor.

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