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The Executive MPA is designed for experienced executives and managers who seek a challenging and accelerated program of study. The coursework highlights current issues and problems that confront leaders in public affairs. To link theory with practice, Baruch’s faculty co-teach several courses with prominent public and nonprofit practitioners who bring real-world knowledge to the classroom. Admission requires a minimum of 3-5 years professional management experience and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or a graduate-level degree in another field. Classes meet for 35 Saturdays during each year from September to June. Most courses are offered over a 10-week period, with the remaining classes taught in an intensive 5-week schedule. Each student cohort is comprised of approximately 20-30 students with two cohorts attending simultaneously (one in the first year of the program, one in the second). Students pay a special program fee that covers tuition, required books, breakfast and lunch on class days, staff support, computer training, career seminars, guest lecturers, and special events. 


Executive MPA
Fall (September-January) 12 credits
PAF 9100 Introduction to Public Affairs3 credits
PAF 9103 Communication in Public Settings3 credits
PAF 9170 Research and Analysis I3 credits
PAF 9172 Research and Analysis II3 credits
Spring (February-June) 9 credits
PAF 9120 Public and Nonprofit Management I3 credits
PAF 9139 Communication Strategy3 credits
PAF 9140 Budgeting and Financial Analysis I3 credits
Fall (September-January) 12 credits
PAF 9130 Economic Analysis and Public Policy3 credits
PAF 9151 Administration of the Nonprofit Sector and Voluntary Agencies3 credits
PAF 9160 Public and Nonprofit Management II3 credits
PAF 9180 Policy Analysis3 credits
Spring (February-June) 9 credits
PAF 9174 Program Evaluation3 credits
PAF 9163 Leadership and Strategy in Public Affairs3 credits
PAF 9190 Capstone Seminar3 credits

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