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The Executive MBA Program, offered by the Zicklin School of Business, is designed to provide experienced managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge, evidence-based theories, concepts, and analytics that will help them compete in today’s intensely competitive and constantly changing local and global markets. Students will learn to think strategically about the fit between a firm’s external competitive environment, their chosen strategy, and the resources available to the firm in implementing that strategy. Students will analyze and hone their leadership and communications skills, as well as learn how to create and manage transformational change in their organizations.

Our newly redesigned program is infused with six themes that are integrated throughout the curriculum.

  • Business 101.  Understand the basics: master business fundamentals (quantitative tools, finance, economics) and develop functional knowledge in the core disciplines of marketing, finance, accounting, information systems, and management.
  • Instant ROI.  Apply theories and concepts learned in class immediately to the real world. Learn it on Saturday and apply it on Monday.  Become conversant in the latest thinking about how to lead a business and be prepared to analyze complex business problems and make evidence-based decisions.
  • Prepare to lead.  Prepare for the challenges of leadership with classes on strategy, communication, negotiation, persuasion and innovation—the essential skill set every great leader must have.
  • Ethics.  Learn to identify ethical issues in business situations and develop ways of thinking through ethical dilemmas in an increasingly complex world. 
  • Sustainability.  Understand the environmental and social challenges that contribute to the complexity of the business environment and that drive companies to assess their social and environmental impacts.  Make sustainability an essential part of your business strategy. 
  • Global Excellence. Learn to lead effectively across cultures by developing greater sensitivity to differences in perspectives, institutions, and practices among business people from around the world.  Understand the challenges and opportunities of managing far-flung organizations and operating in foreign environments.

The 22-month, 57-credit program is designed for working professionals with full-time jobs. Classes are held once a week (primarily on Saturdays with some Fridays) for 14 sessions per trimester. Classes are in session from 8:30am until 5:30pm, with breaks for healthy snacks and lunch. Before the program begins, all students attend a Boot Camp that prepares them for courses in finance, accounting, and statistics. 

Executive MBA instructors are hand-picked members of Baruch’s full-time faculty, selected for their professional and academic experience and their ability to create a dynamic and interactive classroom environment. We also have a stellar pool of adjunct professors who are experienced business professionals and leaders in their field. A sample selection of course offerings includes:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • E-business Strategy and Technology
  • Dynamics of Competition, Industry Structure, and Business Strategy
  • People, Planet, and Profits: Managing a Sustainable Business 

 The highlight of the Executive MBA program is the international study tour, which is usually eight to ten days in two different locations. This is a credit-bearing experience that is built into the curriculum. The cost of the trip, including airfare, accommodations, and most meals, is included in the program fee. 

2013-2015 List of Courses (Subject to Modification)

Year 1

    • Managing People at Work
    • Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions
    • Managerial Communication
    • Fundamentals of Microeconomics
    • Financial Accounting
    • Marketing Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Information Systems for Managers
    • Negotiation Strategy
    • Financial Decision Making
    • Service Operations
    • International Business Fundamentals

Year 2

    • Dynamics of Competition, Industry Structure, and Corporate Strategy
    • International Financial Markets
    • Business and Society
    • Marketing Strategy
    • e-Business Strategy and Technology
    • Legal Environment of Business
    • Entrepreneurial Strategy
    • International Study Trip
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Business Policy
    • People, Planet, Profits and Human Resources
    • Communicating with Consumers


Applicants should address inquiries to:
Administrative Director, Executive Programs, Zicklin School of Business
Baruch College/CUNY
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box B13-282
New York, NY 10010-5585
or call (646) 312-3100, fax (646) 312-3101
or e-mail


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