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The MBA with a major in economics (ECO) prepares the student for a broad range of careers in business, industry, and government. Elective courses within the major are selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. Students interested in this program should contact the Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance.

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Preliminary Course

In addition to the major requirements, the following preliminary course is required. Grades in 8000-level courses are not calculated in the grade point average.

MTH 8001  Calculus for Applications I* 3 credits

* Students may substitute MTH 2207 Applied Calculus and Matrix Applications or MTH 2610 Calculus I for MTH 8001 on a space-available basis. These undergraduate courses are each 4 hours, 4 credits; graduate tuition applies.

Major Courses  (12 credits)

ECO 9723  Econometrics - Theory and Applications I 3 credits
ECO 9741  International Economics I 3 credits
Two additional courses approved by the economics advisor. 6 credits
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