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We've just released the latest iteration of our NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers series (Jan 2017), which contain a number of important updates.

  1. We've completely re-organized the files for MTA bus stops and routes. Instead of having separate borough files for routes and stops (including the confusing mixture of bus company and local Queens bus routes), we have aggregated all of the local buses into one city-wide file, and have separated the express bus services into their own dedicated file.

  2. The new MTA subway stops file includes the three new stations on the 2nd Ave subway. There's also a new station on the SIR that replaces two older stations that have been demolished. The new routes file includes the W train and the extension of the Q train up 2nd Ave. In some cases we inserted the new routes data ourselves, as the MTA static feeds that were released in January still lacked this information. The train attribute of the stops file has been updated to indicate which trains stop there. There have been no updates to the subway entrances file, so we're keeping the previous one from spring 2016.

  3. We've added stops and routes files for the PATH train (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) which is the rapid transit system that connects Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken to Manhattan. The files are a subset and derivative of data produced by the NJ GIS Office, which in turn were derived from GTFS schedule data from NJ Transit. We pulled out just the PATH train and have re-projected it to NY State Plane Long Island so that it fits seamlessly with the MTA mass transit layers in the series.

As usual we've moved our previous series (May 2016) into the NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers Archive. Over the summer we hope to harmonize the subway ridership data that we include in the NYC Geodatabase with these layers.



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