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College Now

Student Ambassador Program

In order to further develop relationships with our Partner High Schools we have decided to recruit a diverse and professional group of students to serve as College Now Ambassadors to their respective school.

The goal of the College Now Student Ambassador Program is to:

  • Increase the number of applicants from Partner High Schools
  • Reward motivated College Now students by making them leaders on their campus
  • Learn how Baruch College Now can best fit the needs of our Partner High Schools

Each student ambassador will have the opportunity to strategize with their high school counselor to come up with the best way in which to recruit students to Baruch College Now from their school. 


We encourage ambassadors to develop the best strategy for their school.  This could include posting fliers, putting ads in school newsletters, hosting at recruiting event, etc.

  • Act as role models to current and prospective College Now students by offering advice on how to succeed in the program.
  • Ambassadors are encouraged to meet with their high school College Now advisor and a College Now representative to plan a recruiting session for their junior and senior peers.  This could include, speaking to all juniors and seniors in a big assembly hall; speaking only to those students who qualify or speaking to small advisory groups or classes.
  • Ambassadors may address questions regarding the application process, program requirements, resources available at Baruch College, personal experience from their semester, etc.
  • Ambassadors will attend at least one gathering with College Now representatives to provide opinions and feedback to help improve the College Now program for semesters to come.
  • Promote Baruch College Now social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) to current/prospective College Now students.


  • Develop excellent resume qualities, such as leadership skills, public speaking and overall professionalism.
  • Develop a strong professional networks be it at their high school or Baruch College.
  • Obtain a unique and advantageous perspective of the college admissions and recruiting process.
  • Opportunity for letters of recoomendations.


  • College Now will give materials to the student ambassador, including making as many copies of brochures and fliers as the student sees fit.
  • College Now will inform the ambassador about details of the application process, basic facts about Baruch College.
  • College Now will be present at the student’s recruitment session (at the student's request) to help with anything else the student may need.


  • Juniors or senior who have taken and passed, or are currently taking a College Now class.
  • Mature, outgoing, well-respected students on their high school campuses.
  • Attend a Baruch College Now Partner High School

If you attend one of our partner high schools and would like more information on how you can be a part of our Student Ambassador Program, please email