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STEM Research Academy

The Baruch College Now STEM Research Academy is designed to provide NYC public high school students with an opportunity to build their science knowledge and skills by engaging in ‘authentic inquiry’ activities. Utilizing a two-semester program model (spring and summer) 25 students will be selected based on English & Math Regents, GPA, writing sample, and transcript review. 

Selected students will be enrolled in the spring Introduction to Research class to strengthen basic skills such as formulating researchable questions, designing testable experiments, performing literature searches and reading scientific literature. The goal of the spring course is to introduce students to the expectations of working in a research lab environment. Upon successful completion of the spring course, students interested in conducting research over the summer will be matched with CUNY research faculty and participate in a structured six-week internship program.

Program Overview:

Spring Semester - Introduction to Research Skills (Lecture): 

  • The STEM Research Academy sequence begins with a 60-hour non-college credit course. This course was designed to help students develop essential scientific literacy and numeracy skills. Note, students may request that their respective high schools award them credit for the course. College Now will provide the high school with all necessary information (course syllabus, course grade, etc.).

Summer Experience – Advanced STEM Engagement (Experiential Learning): 

  • Conducting research through an internship experience may not be for all students. With that in mind we will allow students to choose, upon successful completion of the spring research skills course, to enroll in the research internship experience. Our three main objectives are to develop student understanding of the nature of science with an in-depth experience in one area of scientific research, work towards understanding the culture and interests of the science research laboratory, and enhance the literacy skills needed to excel in science. At the end of the summer program, students will present their research



Program Eligibility:

Primary Program Requirements:

  • MUST be a NYC Public High School 11th grader
  • PSAT/ SAT Verbal (Min. 480)  OR  English Language Arts Regents (Min. 75)
  • Math Regents (Min. 80) AND Living Environment Regent (min. 75)
  • An overall 80+ average

Although the STEM Research Academy is primarily designed for high school juniors, 10th graders with the following grades will be considered.

  • An overall 80+ average
  • Overall 80+ English average, 80+ Math average AND 80+ Science average

Program Benefits:

  • Stipend of $750 (upon completion of summer research experience)
  • Possibility of earning high school credit (at the discretion of  your high school)
  • College and career exploration

Program Timeline:

  • Application Period: October to December
  • Student Orientation: January
  • Spring Course: End of January to Mid-May; Two days a week from 4pm-6pm
  • Mentor/Mentee Meet & Greet: June
  • Summer Research Experience: July to August; Monday through Thursday
  • End of Summer Project Fair: Mid-August

Summer Faculty Mentors:


Krista Dobi, PhD

Rebecca Spokony, PhD

Sarah Bengston, PhD

Pablo Peixoto, PhD

Environmental Science

Chester Zarnoch, PhD

Stephen Gosnel, PhD


Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Soohyun (Ashley) Lee, PhD Candidate

Joshua Nagel, PhD Candidate


Application Process:

  • Applications generally become available in early October and consist of an online application, essay, transcripts, and applicable test scores.


The College Now STEM Research Academy is funded by the Pinkerton and Booth Ferris Foundations and is a member of the Science Reserach & Mentoring Program Consortium.