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Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

Phone: 646-660-6048

Fax: 646-660-6051

Mailing Address:

Baruch College/CUNY

55 Lexington Avenue, Box A-1108a

New York, NY 10010

Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Waste Management


E-waste is specified electronics that CANNOT be discarded into the regular trash.? This includes the following:



  • Computers and all peripherals
  • Printers
  • Faxes machines
  • Copiers
  • Other computer hardware
  • Televisions
  • CDs, DVDs
  • DVD players, ect.
Call the Technology Help Desk at x-1010 or e-mail to have your electronic equipment removed and disposed of as e-waste.
In the request, state the type of equipment, make and model number, Baruch bar code, your department and location of equipment.

Hazardous Waste (Chemical) 

Chemicals CANNOT be poured down the drain or thrown in the trash without the consent of EHS.? Baruch utilizes the services of a chemical waste contractor to remove these materials and dispose of them in a safe and legal manner.? If you have old or unwanted chemicals, please call x-6048.



Universal Waste

Universal waste is waste that is not designated as hazardous waste, but cannot go into the regular trash. This is:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • All non-dry cell batteries (metal halide, nickel cadmium, lead acid, etc.)

For these items contact the B&G office via phone at (646)660-6630
Go to: http://archibus.baruch.local/request/index.cfm


Infectious Waste

Infectious waste can be any material containing human blood or bodily fluids.  If this is present, call EHS at x-6048.  The material must be cleaned up by trained custodial personnel, and will be removed, placed in a red bag or sharps container, and disposed of by the medical waste.

If you have any material that you think constitutes medical waste or you have a medical waste situation, please contact x-6048.? Baruch utilizes the services of a medical waste contractor.