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Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

James Kaznosky, Director

Phone: 646-660-6048


Mailing Address:

Baruch College/CUNY

55 Lexington Avenue, Box A-928

New York, NY 10010


Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management



EHS oversees extermination practices at Baruch through an outside contractor. If you are having any type of extermination issue, or require extermination services please fill out the Extermination Request form.

Indoor Air Quality

EHS investigates air quality issues around the College through a variety of methods. If you or someone on your staff is having these types of issues, call x-6048.

Air quality investigations involve several steps:

  • Interviewing occupants to identify issues
  • Thorough walk through of the area, sometimes with B&G staff
  • Direct reading sampling
  • Sampling with laboratory analysis
  • Report generated (at times)