Raised Line Subway Maps

N.Y.C. Subway Maps

Several years ago, Baruch College Computer Center for Visually Impaired People and MTA New York City Transit teamed up to produce a series of raised line, large print maps depicting major portions of the New York City Subway System. These maps contain grade one braille and large print labels and are meant to be read by touch, with large print backup for those who can use it.

Pocket-sized strip maps offer basic information for the stations along each of New York City's 26 subway lines. Overview maps of each borough show the paths taken by all train lines within that borough, and the stop locations and names along the way.

Finally, maps of four stations have been produced over the course of the Project. They are Jay Street Borough Hall in Brooklyn, Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens, 66th Street, Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, also in Manhattan. New York City subway system maps are available free from the MTA/New York City Transit, at 718-393-4131. Please note that they have not been updated since September 11, 2001.

Lincoln Center Maps

Braille and large print maps, depicting the major concert halls and surrounding areas of Lincoln Center in New York are available directly from Lincoln Center, at (212) 875-5375.