These SCDC tutorials will provide you with a short review of common topics


Welcome to our tutorials on various career and job topics. These tutorials provide you with a brief review of the topic presented. To obtain greater detail, come to our various workshops on these topics as well as others that may be useful to you in your career and job search process.

Getting Starrted - SCDC Services

View Getting Starrted Tutorial

Getting Starrted - Virtual Services

View Getting Starrted Virtual Services Tutorial

Internship Tutorial

View Internship Tutorial
View this tutorial if you plan to participate in Internship On-Campus Recruiting during this academic year. Completion of this tutorial is required to participate in this program. Keep in mind that it will take 72 hours to activate your Internship OCR eligibility in Starr Search so plan accordingly.

In order to have your results processed, you must complete your profile in Starr Search.

This tutorial does NOT replace the OCR workshop for jobs. This tutorial is for students interested in OCR INTERNSHIPS ONLY and should only be taken by current students.

Starr Search

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Cover Letters & Other Job Search Correspondence

View Cover Letters Tutorial

Applying to Graduate School

View Applying to Graduate School Tutorial


View Twitter Tutorial

Blogging for Career Impact

View Blogging Tutorial

LinkedIn - Students and Alumni

View Linkedin Student Tutorial

LinkedIn - Mentors

View Linkedin Mentor Tutorial
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