Special Programs
Programs range from mentoring to expanding knowledge in finance and the global economy

Special Programs at Baruch

Baruch College offers a number of special career-related programs which supplement course work to enhance studentsĀ“ professional development.Below is a list of the Programs currently offered on campus.

Baruch College Financial Leadership Program

The mission of the Baruch College Financial Leadership Program Program (FLP) is to increase the recruitment of diverse and talented Baruch students into top financial analyst programs across all industries worldwide. By providing intensive technical and career training to a select group of Baruch's top-performing juniors, FLP cultivates successful finance professionals who are committed to giving back to their communities.

Max Berger Pre-Law Program

The Max Berger Pre-law Program supports students of all majors who are considering a future career in the legal profession. The program is multifaceted and includes individualized pre-law advising, workshops and other programs and resources geared towards helping students acquire practical information about law school, legal careers, course selection, law related internships and guiding them through the law school application process.

The Rising Starr Sophomore Program

The Rising Starr Sophomore Program was recognized with the Alva C. Cooper Award in 2013. The program was created to encourage students from all majors and interests to gain a head start in their career development while also meeting the increasing demands in the marketplace to identify and develop early leaders.

Peers for Careers

Peers are chosen from a select group of established Student Leaders. They work with their fellow students during all stages of the career development process, helping them utilize the resources of the Starr Career Development Center (SCDC). They help students with choosing a major, and in learning about part-time and full-time jobs and internships. They can co-lead workshops, make classroom presentations, and assist with Career Day and the Internship Fair. One of the primary tasks of a Peer is to conduct resume reviews and mock employment interviews, which enables Baruch students to look their best when interacting with prospective employers.

Bridge to Baruch (B2B)

Bridge to Baruch (B2B) allows new transfer students of all majors to meet top Baruch employers and possibly obtain internships and jobs. The program includes three 90-minute sessions as part of the Pre-Semester Intensive component. During the Pre-Semester Intensive, you will learn about resumes and cover letters to best market yourself for your chosen field. You also will learn interviewing, networking skills, and impression management. Successful completion of the Pre-Semester Intensive will qualify you for inclusion in a resume book to be circulated among our employers. After the Pre-Semester Intensive, you will receive monthly career advisement during your first semester at Baruch as you engage in a series of career development activities. Those who successfully complete all program requirements and obtain an internship will be eligible to apply for a $500 stipend. For more information see B2B Frequently Asked Questions.

Online Mentoring

Online mentors are Baruch alumni and other professionals who have chosen to "give back" to Baruch by helping students with their professional development. Mentors volunteer their time to answer your career-related questions and to share their experiences with you. Depending on the mentor's preference and availability, s/he may support your professional development by conducting a resume review, a tour of their workplace, providing industry/career tips and advice, and more. The online mentor program is not an internship/job referral service.

You can find Online Mentors in the "Networking" section of Starr Search and through the Starr Career Development Center Online Mentor LinkedIn group. Please review the group Rules, contained in this LinkedIn group. By joining this group, you agree to abide by the group Rules.

Executives On Campus

"Executives on Campus" (EOC) is a department at Baruch College that provides undergraduate and graduate students of all three Baruch Schools (the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Public Affairs) with Mentors who help with networking, interviewing and other essential soft skills to make Baruch students competitive in today's job market. EOC is also a community and network of Mentors, Mentees and Mentee alumni. EOC is unique to Baruch; no organization such as this exists in other colleges. Click here for more information and to apply to the Executives on Campus (EOC) Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program.

Global Student Certificate Program

The Global Student Certificate (GSC) program is an interdisciplinary, co-curricular undergraduate certificate program designed to train a new generation of business leaders. It is necessary for college graduates to be internationally competent in today's global economy. The GSC program exposes Baruch students to the distinct resources available only in New York City as well as training in intercultural, communication and leadership skills. The program offers participants a unique opportunity to expand their cultural knowledge in the nation's most diverse college setting. For eight years, Baruch has topped the list of the most ethnically diverse institutions of higher education in the United States (U.S. News & World Report, "America's Top Colleges 2007"). This structured program is a systematic response to Baruch's diversity designed to create a platform for student learning and sharing.

Financial Women's Association Baruch College Mentoring Program

The Financial Women's Association of New York (FWA), is a not-for-profit professional organization. Established in 1956, it has a membership of more than 1,000 women and men professionals working in the financial services industry or who hold a financial position in another industry. To fulfill that part of its mission, which is "to encourage women to seek career opportunities in finance and business", the FWA has a long tradition of dedication and excellence in mentoring students of different ages. For further information, please contact Olga Barskaya.
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