Welcome Baruch Faculty & Staff
The SCDC recognizes the importance of partnerships with Baruch faculty and staff to support students' career developments

Faculty and the SCDC

The Starr Career Development Center (SCDC) offers a variety of services to students to support their academic and career development such as resume and cover letter review, mock interviewing, career counseling, vocational testing, workshops, and special programs to support the students' career development.

Further, the SCDC is eager to work with faculty and staff to provide our students with the assistance they will need to meet their goals for academic and career success. We invite faculty and staff to partner with the SCDC in providing support by utilizing the Starr Sub and Invited Presentations Programs.

Starr Speakers Program

The Starr Career Development Center staff is available to conduct presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise about job search tools, career and major selection, or a topic of your choice.

Sample presentations include:
  • An Orientation to the Starr Career Development Center
  • Career Planning
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Resume Writing
  • Small Talk: It's a BIG DEAL
  • Impression Management: From Job Offer to Workplace Success
To take advantage of this program please complete a Starr Speakers Request Form (Note: We'll need at least two weeks notice).

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If you have questions or wish to find out about other collaborative opportunities, please contact us.
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