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News and Events

  • Important Service Changes
  • Technology Leadership Development Program
    • This unique program will immerse high potential students in experiential learning, professional development workshop, corporate site visits, mentorships, and hands-on group project-based internships experience for students at Baruch College with a desire to succeed in Tech. Students will be matched with a dedicated mentor that will coach and mentor them as well as give the student a good understanding of how technology and business intersect. TLDP students will be well-rounded leaders who understands how Business and Technology come together in the workplace.

      Click here to apply.

Upcoming Workshops

Create Your Own Major - Combine multiple disciplines to create your own Ad Hoc major.
Mastering the Job Interview - Learn the steps to follow before, during and after the interview.
LinkedIn 101 - Learn how to develop your profile and make it stand out.
International Students Job Search - Learn some of the key strategies for success in landing a position.
Graduate School Workshop - This workshop will cover key areas of the graduate school process.
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