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Getting a room

  • Baruch undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to use the rooms that require a key.
  • Group study rooms can be reserved up to one day in advance.
  • All other rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Due to high demand, we can only hold a reservation for 15 minutes if the minimum number of Baruch students are not present. After that time, the system will automatically cancel the reservation and the time slot will be available for another group to reserve.

Getting the key

  • All study room keys are distributed at the Circulation Desk. They are loaned out during service hours for up to 3 hours, or until 10 minutes before the desk closes (whichever is earlier). Individual study carrel keys are due back 10 minutes before the desk closes.
  • In order to get a key, and to make the process go smoothly for all, please make sure you meet the following requirements:
    • for a 2-3 person room, at least 2 people must be present
    • for a 4-8 person room, at least 4 people must be present
  • A valid Baruch ID is required to borrow the key.

Rules for Room Use

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the study rooms. If you bring them in, you will be asked to leave the room immediately, and may have future study room privileges suspended or revoked.
  • If you find food or drinks (including water bottles) when you enter the room, please report the condition immediately to the Circulation Desk, so that you will not be considered responsible.
  • You may not obstruct the glass partition in a room. Doing so will cause you to forfeit the room immediately and may subject its occupants to disciplinary action.
  • The person borrowing the key is the responsible party at all times. He or she must ensure that the room is vacated on time, that the room remains tidy, and that the door is locked when leaving. This person must hand the key back to the library staff member at the Circulation Desk.
  • The responsible party needs to make sure that at minimum of two people are using the room at all times. Unoccupied rooms will be reassigned to groups that are waiting. If a room is found either empty or occupied by only one individual, the patron(s) will be asked immediately to forfeit the room and may lose subsequent room privileges.
  • Security regulations require that students vacate all rooms that require a key by 10 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes.
  • The person borrowing the key for the group must hand the key back the library member at the Circulation Desk before leaving the building.
  • Keys may not be removed from the Newman Library under any circumstances.
  • Rooms may be randomly checked by library staff and security.


If the responsible party fails to return the key on time, that person will incur fines. Generally, if a key is returned late, there is a fine of $.10 (ten cents) per minute. Higher penalties are in effect during peak use periods. Please ask at the Circulation Desk if you have any questions concerning the fines currently in effect. Fines for overdue fees continue to accrue at these rates until the key is physically returned, regardless of whether or not the library is open. If a key is left in the book drop after the Circulation Desk has closed, fines will be charged until the key is checked in on the next day that the library is open.

If a key is lost, the person borrowing the key will be responsible for the value of the replacement of the key and accompanying lock (currently $100.00), processing fee ($25.00), and overdue fines.

A lost key tag will incur a fee of $5.00.

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