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Library Policies

Library Fines and Fees

Effective Fall 2013 per CUNY Board of Trustees Resolution

Overdue fines for books and reserve materials

Library Item Library Overdue fine
Regular Loan Materials $0.25 per day to a maximum of $20.00 per item
Recalled Items $1.00 per day to a maximum of $50.00 per item
Overdue Recalled Items If a recalled item is overdue on both the original and the recall due dates, both charges($.25 per day, and $1.00 per day) will apply
Reserve Materials $0.10 per minute up to the cost of the item
Newspapers $1 per day
Group Study Room Keys $0.10 per minute
Study Carrel Keys $5 per day

Overdue fines for laptops and other equipment

Library Item Library Overdue fine
3-hour Laptops and iPads $0.25 per minute, up to $25 per day
One-Day and 72-hour Laptops $25 per day
Calculators: Financial, TI-89, Scientific TI-30 $5 per day up to the cost of the item
Calculators: Basic $1 per day up to $5
Headphones $1 per day up to $5
Cameras and Camcorders $25 per day
Clickers $5 per day up to $35
Kindles $5 per day

Lost or damaged items

If an item is lost, the charges include replacement cost ($80 if out of print), plus a $25 processing fee and any overdue fines.

Patrons are responsible for items they have checked out, and will be fined for lost materials. When books have been damaged beyond repair or are known to be irretrievably lost, patrons can provide a replacement copy of the item in excellent condition in lieu of paying the replacement cost. The copy should be the exact edition or newer. Please contact the Circulation Department for more information. Used copies are not acceptable replacements. Hardcover books are preferred, but paperbacks are acceptable.

There is no overall maximum for fines. All overdue charges are per calendar day and per item

Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. One overdue book or a total of $5.00 or more in unpaid charges will block library privileges. Students who do not clear their records will not receive their grades, transcripts, or diploma, and will not be able to register or to graduate.

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