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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

The Student Practice Room Information Page

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Rooms 309 in the Newman Library and 636 in the 6th floor computing lab of the Library/Technology Building are available to Baruch College students to practice their class presentations using the same technology (Podium, Projector, Computer, and Chairs) that is found in Baruch's smart classrooms.

The key to the room is loaned at the Newman Library circulation desk.

Rules and Regulations:

The practice room may be used by Baruch undergraduate and graduate students during the hours that the Library's reserve desk is open. The room can accomodate 6 to 8 persons and is equipped with audio/visual equipment and a dry erase board.
The room is available to groups on a first come, first served basis. No reservations are taken. The keys are charged out at the reserve desk for a 1-hour loan or until 10 minutes before the desk closes, whichever is earlier. Groups are allowed one renewal (for the same loan period), if no other group is waiting.
A valid Baruch ID is required to borrow the key. The person borrowing the key is responsible for ensuring that the room is vacated on time, that the room remains tidy, that the door is locked when leaving and that the key handed back to the library staff member at the reserve desk. Receipts for returned keys are available upon request. If a group leaves the building, the key must be handed back to the library staff member at the reserve desk. Under no circumstances are keys allowed to be removed from the Newman Library.
Rooms may be randomly checked.
Unoccupied rooms will be reassigned to groups that are waiting.

If food and/or liquids including water bottles are found when you enter the room, please report this immediately to the reserve desk.

Key Fine Schedule

Failure to return the key on time will result in fines. Generally, if a key  is returned late there is a fine of $.10 (ten cents) per minute. Higher  penalties are in effect during peak use periods. Ask at the service counter if  you have any questions concerning the fines currently in effect. Should a key  be returned after the service desk is closed, fines will accrue at the rate  stated above (regardless of whether or not the library is  open) until that key is checked-in at the opening of the service desk  on the next regularly scheduled business day or until physically returned.
Obstruction of the glass partition will result in immediate forfeiture of  the use of the room and may subject occupants to appropriate disciplinary  action.
If a key is lost, the person borrowing the key is responsible for the replacement of the key and accompanying lock, (currently $100.00), service fee ($10.00), and overdue fines.
A lost key tag will incur a fee of $5.00.
If a room is found either empty or with only one individual or with food  and/or liquids (including water bottles), the patron(s) will immediately  forfeit the use of the room and subsequent room privileges.
Any questions regarding use of the rooms, fines or any other matters  concerning group study rooms may be addressed to library staff members at the  reserve desk.

Failure to pay any fine or fee may result in a suspension of library borrowing privileges. Also, it may result in the withholding of  grades, transcripts, or diploma. In addition, the borrower may not be able  to register in following semesters.
No personal checks accepted.
All receipts  should be saved. There is no overall maximum to fines.
All fines are to  be paid at the Circulation Desk.

If you have further questions or concerns please contact the Circulation Desk.