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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Tech Fee 2008

Report of the Student Technology Fee Committee

May 15, 2007

Glenn Albright (Associate Professor, Psychology)
Ben Corpus (Vice President for Student Development & Enrollment Management)
Arthur Downing, Chair (Assistant Vice President for Information Technology)
Christian Keck (Director of Student Computing, BCTC)
Yvette Kelley (Director of Technology Services, School of Public Affairs)
Carlos Victoria (Graduate Student)
Vladimir Yelizarov (Undergraduate Student)

Accomplishments in 2006-07

In the 2006-07 academic year, the student technology fee fund was used primarily to support continuing activities such as employment of almost 100 Baruch students in IT related part-time jobs, operation of 19 student computing labs and the help desk, free laser printing, Blackboard, and weekly technology workshops.  In addition, the following initiatives were completed:

  • One-third of the computers in the student computing labs were refreshed, including a complete upgrade of the Graphic Arts Lab for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts.
  • The Newman Library began loaning digital camcorders to students.
  • Classroom response systems (“clickers”) were deployed in more than 20 classes after a series of faculty training sessions.
  • The Newman Library initiated a subscription to a 30,000 title full-text electronic book collection.
  • Five classrooms in the Field Building (17 Lex) were equipped with smart classroom technology.
  • Nine grants were awarded to faculty to implement innovative uses of technology in their instruction.
  • AirBaruch, the college’s cell phone based service delivery system enrolled over 4,000 students and received national attention in the Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Post, IT trade magazines, and television news reports such as CBS and NY1.
  • A 25 seat computer classroom opened in the Field Building.
  • New web-based services include a locker reservation system and a student judicial action management system.

Funding Priorities for 2007-08

Student Access Computers (20%)

One-third of the student access computers on campus will be replaced, continuing the three-year refreshment cycle of the equipment in the student computing labs.  The replacement of aging loaner laptops will also continue.  Additional computers will be provided to student organizations.  The college will establish at least one room for students to practice with smart classroom equipment for their class presentations.

Staff for Computing Services (20%)

Funds will be used to support staffing for computer laboratories, service desks, and other student computing services. 

Digital Library Services (10%)

The Newman Library will maintain subscriptions to full-text electronic resources, online reference services, and e-reserves.

Upgrading Classroom Technology (10%)

The college will replace one-third of the classroom projectors that have reached end of life.

User Education and Support (10%)

Funds will be applied toward the continuing employment of two full-time staff, who assist students at the help desk and teach weekly technology workshops.   In addition, funds will support continuing subscriptions to e-learning accounts, promotional materials, help guides, and training materials.  The BCTC will establish a pilot project to distribute USB memory drives to students who attend technology workshops.

Online Student Services (7%)

The college will make additional administrative and academic support services available to students via the Web.  The following projects represent the types of initiatives that will be undertaken. 

  • Career Development Center:  Funds will continue to support the heavily used e-Recruitment system.  In addition, the Center will develop online tutorials to deliver their workshop content on demand.
  • Online reservation system for group study rooms and other facilities.
  • DegreeWorks:  Funds will be provided to renew the maintenance contracts and support some enhancements to the degree audit system.
  • AirBaruch:  Funds will be available to continue to optimize web-based services for delivery via students’ cell phones.
  • A new student e-mail system will be implemented with greater mail storage limits and features such as calendaring.
  • A system to help manage student scholarship awards will be developed.

Student Laser Printing (6%)

Funds will be applied toward licenses for toner, paper, hardware replacement and print management software.  The BCTC will work with the college's photoduplication services department to determine whether large print jobs for student organizations that are normally handled on computer lab laser printers could be routed to one of their photocopiers.

Software for Student Use (5%)

Current software licenses will be renewed and funds will be available to support additional requests from students.

Wireless Network (5%)

Funds will be used to upgrade and expand the campus wireless network.

Faculty Development (4%)

The BCTC will offer a third round of grants to faculty who propose innovative uses of technology in their teaching.  Funds will also support the acquisition of DVDs, iTunes music, and other digital content for use in courses.  E-learning accounts will be shared with faculty.  A pilot project will test instructors' ability to use a tablet PC to capture notes made during class for later distribution online.

Assistive Technology (3%)

The Office of Services to Students with Disabilities will identify hardware and software to improve access to computing resources and services.