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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Tech Fee 2002

Status Report on the Use of the Baruch Student Technology Fee

October 1, 2002

Although the collection of the technology fee did not begin until August 2002, the College began implementation of technology fee initiatives in June following the approval of a funding advance by the CUNY Board of Trustees. Below is a report on the progress achieved thus far toward meeting the priorities established in the Report of the Technology Fee Task Force. Follow the links provided below for more information about the resources that have been made available through the technology fee.

Student Technology Fee Priorities for Year 1

New Student E-Mail System (5%)

At the start of the Fall 2002 semester the College introduced Baruch Student WebMail and assigned accounts to all currently enrolled students.

Staffing for Student Computer Laboratories (24%)

By the end of October the College will double the number of seats available for general computing purposes as compared with the number available in the 6th floor BCTC lab. Departmental labs in the Newman Vertical Campus and 17 Lexington Avenue will be opened to all Baruch students at certain times. Part-time student staff are currently being hired as lab assistants.

Desktop Computers for Student Computer Laboratories (30%)

The College has almost completed the replacement of all desktop computers in the student computer laboratories that were acquired prior to 2000. Thus far, the equipment has been replaced in the open computing lab operated by the BCTC on the 6th floor of the Library and Technology Building, as well as the lab managed by the School of Public Affairs on the third floor of 17 Lexington Avenue. The new units have top of the line CPUs, flat panel monitors, DVD-CDRW, and ZIP drives.

User Education and Support (10%)

With support from the student technology fee and College funds, the College established help desk services for Baruch students via telephone and e-mail. The help desk operates Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M., Friday 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. and Weekends 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Two full-time staff have been hired to provide training Baruch students in the use of equipment and software. A small number of workshop offerings will begin in October with a full schedule ready for the Spring 2003 semester.

Student Laser Printing (6%)

The print management software that handles the BCTC computer laboratories has been extended to the Library, which had been the only location on campus that charged students for printing. Over the course of the academic year the system will move to other campus labs as well. Two laser printers dedicated to printing student resumes were added to the BCTC lab. Resume printing on bond paper selected by the Career Development Center is NOT deducted from the printing allocation assigned to students.

Assistive Technology (3%)

Student technology fee funds have supported the acquisition of hardware, software and lab assistants for the Colleges Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. The Computing Center for Visually Impaired People will receive similar support during the semester.

Software for Student Computer Laboratories (8%)

Thus far, the student technology fee has supported licenses for Macromedia MX Studio for the CIS lab, Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance membership for CIS students, Norton Antivirus software for all lab computers, and Microsoft Office for lab PCs. Other licenses will be obtained as the additional student computing labs are opened across campus.

Digital Library Services (10%)

The College has added a subscription to Bloomberg Financial Services in the Subotnick Center and training sessions for students will begin in October. The Library has acquired a variety of new databases including PsycArticles Full-Text, CCH Business & Finance, CCH Tax Research, Euromonitor GMID & MRM, ERIC Full-text, Hoover's Online, Kompass, Magill Online Literature and Authors, Faulkner's Advisory for Information Technology Studies, Biography Resource Center, Alternative Press Watch, FIS Online, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Historical Full-Text.

The library's digital resources are available to students off-campus 24/7. More titles will be added to this digital collection over the course of the semester.

The Library established an electronic reserve service that enables students to obtain many of the reserve materials assigned for their courses without having to come to campus.

Wireless Access (4%)

Currently there is wireless access in the Newman Vertical Campus around the atrium, as well as in some classrooms, the cafeteria, and other areas where students congregate. The wireless network will be extended to the Newman Library and other areas of the campus over the course of the academic year. The BCTC will provide group help sessions on the use of the wireless service beginning in mid-October.