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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

*411 Internal Directory

Personalizing Directory Entries

To make the system more personal, you are strongly encouraged to record your name in your own voice.  To get started:

  1. Dial *411
  2. You will hear the system prompt:  You haven’t recorded your name in the directory.  If you don’t record it, people will hear a synthetic voice as a confirmation when they’re trying to reach you.  Do you want to record it now?”  Say YES
  3.  You will hear:  You must now record your name.  When you are ready, press 1, for further instructions; press 2, to cancel and start again press *.”  PRESS 1.
  4. Say your name after the tone.  
  5. The system will play your name back. 
    • Press 1  - to SAVE recording
    • Press 2  - to hear your name again
    • Press 3  - to RE-RECORD
    • Press *  -  to CANCEL

When a caller asks for you by name, the recording that you have made will play to confirm that you are the correct person. 

Using Baruch Internal Directories

You now have three ways of looking up the names of your colleagues from within the College:
  1. Dialing *411 and using the Speech Attendant Directory
  2. Using the Directory on the Baruch College Website
  3. Using the directory feature on your telephone

Note:  This system is separate from the Voice Mail system.  Even if you recorded your name for your mailbox, you still need to record your name for the Directory system.

 For assistance, call ext. 2355.