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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Telephone Service

BCTC Announces Automated Directory System

BCTC/Telecom has announced a new internal telephone directory information service for Baruch College users.  The new system, which uses speech attendant technology, provides one step directory look-up and direct connection services.  All you need to do is dial *411, say the name of the person you are trying to reach, and let the system connect you to the proper extension.

The names of all users who are currently in the Baruch College web directory have been entered into the Automated Directory.   The speech attendant system is programmed to convert the written names into speech generated names.   This particular speech attendant system was chosen because it is equipped with a dictionary of 1,000,000 phonetically-transcribed nouns and is well suited for multi-cultural environments.

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BCTC Announces Conference Call Service for Large Conference Calls

BCTC/Telecom has contracted with Infinite Conference Services to provide easy dial conference ability for medium to large conference calls made at Baruch College.   Each department who has a need to make such calls will be given a unique code and dial in number.  Contact your department Coordinator for more information.

The section of the BCTC Web site is designed to facilitate communications between the telecommunications department and the college community. Follow the links to submit requests for phone repair, adding lines, changing numbers, etc. You can also call the Telephone Helpdesk at (646) 312-2355 (BELL).