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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)



A-Cart setup used in 17 Lex and NRE Building room 110



A-Cart Internal Components
- Wireless Keyboard and mouse located on top slide out drawer.
- Toshiba VCR-DVD combo player.
- PC with USB connected keyboard and mouse.


Remote Control for LG TV (select Input to change between PC & VCR?DVD)

LG TV Remote Control. 
Use "Input" to select between
- "RGB1" for PC & Laptop display and
- "AV1" for the VCR-DVD Combo Player display


Kramer Switcher (PC & Laptop Input Switcher)

Kramer Switch to select between "PC" & "Laptop"
- Note the USB port extender on the side of the unit.


Toshiba VCR-DVD Combo Unit

Toshiba VCR-DVD Combo Player.


Remote Control for Toshiba VCR-DVD Combo Unit

Toshiba VCR-DVD Combo Player Remote Control

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Both devices have on/off swicthes as well as USB receivers plugged into the PC.