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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Equipment Instruction Manuals - Newman Vertical Campus Lectern

Using the Document Camera

First, make sure the ceiling projector is on, See "Turning on the Ceiling Projector" for detailed instructions.

Note: Please Do not write on the base of the document Camera.
This will cause irreparable damage.

1) Pull out the drawer located on the right side of the lectern to reveal the document camera.

Control Panel

Document Camera
2) Use the pull ring to lift the projection arm until it clicks in place.

3) Rotate the camera head up.

view animation of steps 2 and 3
(requires Flash Player)

4) Turn on the document camera using the power button. The green indicator light will flash. When it turns solid, the camera is on.

view animation of step 4
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5) Press and hold the button marked "DC" on the control panel until the green indicator light comes on above the button.

Place your document on the base of the document camera.

6) Use the zoom buttons on top of the camera to achieve desired magnification and improve sharpness.

7) When your presentation is finished turn off the power to the document camera and the ceiling projector.

view animation of step 7
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8) Return the camera head to a horizontal position, collapse the document camera, using the pull ring, and close the drawer.

view animation of step 8
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9) Remember to shut off the projector once you are done -
See "Turning on the Ceiling Projector - Classrooms" for instructions on shutting off the projector

Tech Support Hotline: 646-312-1010