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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

iTunes U FAQs

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a partnership between Apple and educational institutions for hosting and distributing multimedia content including: audio and video lectures, podcasts and vidcasts to their student bodies.

How do I use iTunes U?

If you have the iTunes application installed on your Mac or PC, simply on this link "Launch iTunes U" to reach the Baruch iTunes U site.

If this is your first time using iTunes, visit the to download and install a free copy of the iTunes software for your Macintosh or Windows operating system.

What content types are available?

At Baruch College, there is a distinction between public and private academic content featured on iTunes U. Private content is only available to students enrolled in specific courses, and accessible through their Blackboard sites.

Material featured on Baruch's public iTunes site includes campus lecture series, public talks, tutorials, athletic events, and community news.

How do I submit media?

Requests for submitting media for the Baruch public iTunes U site can be submitted via our online form or via email at:

Instructors can submit private content by requesting the setup of an iTunes U site via the Control Panel in their Blackboard course.

How do I obtain a consent form for recording and publishing content?

The college provides a standard consent form for recording and publishing content. Click here to download a PDF copy of the consent form. A consent must be obtained for all persons speaking in front of the camera, including students, with the exception of CUNY employees before posting to the Baruch public iTunes U site.

Do I need a Mac/iPod to play files downloaded through iTunes U?

You do not need a Mac or an iPod to play content downloaded from iTunes U. You can use any media player (Windows or Mac) that supports .mp4 or AAC audio files.