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Faculty Update - Spring 2016



Making Courses Available

Students will not see the Blackboard course site until it is made "available."  To do this, go into your course and, from the control panel in the lower left, click Customization > Properties. Find "Set Availability" and select Yes.  Scroll down and click Submit.  That’s all that you should need to do. 

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Viewing Course Roster

To see your students in Blackboard, you can perform these steps

NOTE: Please note that CUNYfirst may have more up to date roster information than Blackboard. Click here to see PDF instructions for viewing your roster in CUNYfirst.

1. In the Control Panel (in the lower left side of your course), click Users and Groups and then Users


Course Roster 1


2. You should see your students.  If not, make sure the next page is set to “Not blank” and click “Go

Course Roster 2

NOTE: You can also see your students by going to the Grade Center > Full Grade Center:

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Updating Email Address

You or your students may not have the correct email listed in Blackboard. You can check your Blackboard email address (and tell your students to verify their email addresses) by going to the Blackboard Home Tab:

1. Click "Update E-mail" (on the left under "Tools")



2. Change the e-mail address to a valid CUNY address.
3. Click Submit

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Archiving of 2014 Courses

Please note that all 2014 Blackboard Courses (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 2014) will be removed from Blackboard and archived on March 26, 2016. Once courses have been archived, they will no longer be accessible on Blackboard but may be restored upon request. For any faculty member who may need to continue using a course that will be archived, a personal course backup should be made before the scheduled date. Click here for more information:

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Blackboard Course Size Limits

In order to manage Blackboard course size efficiently, the CUNY Central Blackboard Steering Committee has implemented a course size limit policy. Click the following link for more information:

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Customizing Blackboard's Course Menu

If you would like to customize Blackboard's default course menu navigation links (i.e., the links on the left-hand side of your Blackboard course; see image below), please click this link for instructions:

Blackboard's Default Course Menu:

Course Template

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