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Customizing the Blackboard Course Menu

As the instructor you can change the Blackboard course menu at any time. i.e., add, delete, rename, hide, or rearrange menu links. (Please refer to these visual guides on how to do this.)

The default course menu looks like this:

Course Template

NOTE: Depending on your settings, if you copy your content from a previous semester’s course to an upcoming one, you may not see the exact options indicated.

Visual Guides for Changing the Course Menu


Adding a Course Menu Item

To add a course menu item, click on the plus sign on the top left hand side of the course menu.

Adding Content Menu Link

For each menu item added, you must provide a name and select if you would like it available to students.

Although you can add many different things (including dividers and subheaderss), the most useful are the following:

  • Content Area (where you can post items, assignments, tests, and so on)
  • Tool Link (to one of many tools that Blackboard offers, e.g., Calendar, Wiki)
  • Course Link (to a particular place within the course)
  • Web Link (outside the course, e.g., New York Times).

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Renaming Menu Item

Click the chevron that appears to the right of the item and click "Rename Link".


After you type in the new name, click the green checkmark..

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Deleting Menu Item

Click on the chevron that appears to the right of the item and click Delete.

Delete Menu Item


You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete that item and any information that is located within it.

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Showing/Hiding Menu Item

If you would like to make a menu item visible to students (or invisible), hover your mouse over the menu item and click on the chevron.


If a menu item is hidden to students, you will see the options to show the link (and vice versa).


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Rearranging Menu Order

If you wish to rearrange the order of your menu items, hover your mouse over the arrow and click on the menu item to drag it up or down.


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