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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Support

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the 2017 successor to Blackboard Collaborate.  It is a powerful web conferencing tool that enables instructors and students alike to have “in class” experiences from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.  With Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you can share live video from your web camera, power point presentations, use a white board, and even record your online session for future reference.

You can access Collaborate Ultra from any course on Blackboard, and it does not require a license or accessory in order to function – if you teach a course or are an enrolled student, you are ready to use Blackboard Collaborate

Please note: Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) instructors / students do not have access to Blackboard.

Tips for a Successful Session

  • Use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers to connect to a session.

  • Do a trial run before your first session with your students or allow time at the beginning of the session for participants to configure their web browsers for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and get adjusted to the interface. 

    In case there are any issues with audio or video, please refer to the guides below to trouble shoot:

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions have two different interface views:

    • Grid View: With 4 or fewer participants, if you are not sharing any content, you will see the attendees videos or profiles pictures in a grid in the primary media space.

    • Follow the Speaker View: With 5 or more participants, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will focus on the attendee who is speaking as the discussion progresses.

      a picture of the Grid View on the left, and Follow the Speaker view on the right.

Instructional Links

Follow the links below to learn how to make the best of your time with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

If you have any questions, or need assistance regarding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please contact the Baruch College Helpdesk at 646-312-1010, or ext. 1010 if dialing from campus.