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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

The Faculty Web Site Hosting Service

The faculty web site hosting service is intended to be used by Baruch College faculty to host a web site, or other publicly accessible files, such as static html (web pages), pdf, doc, and xls files. There is no database application running on, or accessible from this server, nor are any server-side processing technologies, such as SSI, PHP, .NET, or .ASP, enabled on this server.

The responsibilities listed below will establish a service level agreement between the BCTC and the faculty or staff member managing the web space. Please review the service responsibilities and complete the request process below to request web space.

BCTC Service Responsibilities

Technical Infrastructure Support: The BCTC will provide on-going support and maintenance of server and storage hardware, the server's OS, virtualization infrastructure, nightly back-up of the server for the purposes of disaster recovery, and network and proxy services.

Service Maintenance and Downtime: The goal of the BCTC is to provide near 24 x 7 access to all production web services. Occasionally a server will need to be taken off-line for upgrades or maintenance.

  • Scheduled Downtime: The BCTC will notify site owners of scheduled upgrades or maintenance. When planning for system upgrades, every effort will be made to schedule maintenance outside of the normal academic calendar.
  • Unscheduled Downtime: Should a system failure occur, every effort will be made to return the system to service as quickly as possible. However, the possibility exists that the system could be down for several business days should a catastrophic error occur. Updates on the status of the service will be posted on the BCTC home page.

Server/Service Shutdown or Content Removal: The BCTC reserves the right to shutdown a server or service, or remove content from a server, without notice, when it is adversely affecting the operation of the server infrastructure or the Baruch College network, in cases where confirmed security vulnerabilities pose a risk to end-users, the server infrastructure or the Baruch College network, or to comply with the DMCA where a case of copyright infringement has been reported.

If a server/service shutdown or content removal is required, the BCTC will immediately contact the support contacts on record to explain the issue and resolution required before the service can be brought back online.

Site Owner Service Responsibilities

  • Acceptable Use: Use of this web hosting service must be consistent with the academic mission of this institution. All site content must adhere to the CUNY Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources, the CUNY Information Technology Security Procedures, specifically with regards to the use of non-public university information, and to Baruch College's Web Site Policies - Users are responsible for content on their site. Baruch College assumes no responsibility of any kind for the content found on the site.
  • Space Utilization: Users will be provided with an account with a 50Mb quota (limit). This space is not to be used for long-term storage of files, or as a back-up mechanism for personal files. All unnecessary files must be deleted from site. If users require additional space they must submit a request with a justification of their need to the BCTC Help Desk. The request will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days.
    • Audio and Video File Hosting: This server should not be used to host large audio or video files. If users require hosting of these files on the web they should contact the BCTC Media Resources group to discuss their needs.
  • Back-up Maintenance: Users are responsible for the back-up and retention of their site files. The BCTC will not be able to retrieve deleted or damaged/corrupted files.
  • Issue Reporting: Issues and questions regarding the service should be directed to the BCTC Help Desk.
  • Site Maintenance: Users will manage the creation and maintenance of their own site. The BCTC does not provide technical support related to the creation or maintenance of Web sites. The BCTC may be able to provide some simple troubleshooting or advice. For assistance with linking content from within Blackboard to the faculty server, contact the BCTC Help Desk.
  • Server Access and Authentication: Transfer of files to and from the server will be done using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Users will use their Active Directory username and password to login to their account on this server. The account credentials will be the same as those that are used for logging onto their computer and their Baruch email. Users are responsible for the security of their individual account.
    • SFTP Software Installation: For assistance installing SFTP software, users must contact their technology coordinator.
    • Server Access from Off-campus: SFTP access from off-campus will require users to have a VPN account (Information about obtaining a VPN account).
  • Access Suspension: Users will have access to their account suspended when their separation from the college is reported to the BCTC by the Office of Human resources. Users' data will be removed from the server and maintained by the BCTC for 30 days, during which time they may request a copy of the data. Following this 30 day period, users' data will be deleted and requests for data will not be processed.

Faculty Server Web Hosting Service Request Process

  1. Review SLA responsibilities - If you are considering use of this service, review the service requirements listed above. The BCTC staff can meet to discuss the requirements, or answer any questions you have.
  2. Make a request for the faculty web hosting service - Email a request for web hosting service to the BCTC Help Desk - from your Baruch College email account. In the request include the following:
    • confirmation that you have read and agree to all of the service requirements.
    • a brief description of your site and an estimate on the amount of traffic expected.
  3. Delivery of service - The BCTC will review your request. If we have any questions, we will follow up with you. Otherwise, the account will be setup and we will provide you with your account information and details regarding access to the server.

Important: No individual host names should be registered for your web site. Host names will be based on the standard Faculty Server Web Server name ( followed by your Active Directory username.