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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)


Forgot Password/Security Profile Setup

Student will need to setup a password recovery profile with their BaruchMail/Office365 email account in order to recover access to their account in the event they forget their password. This account allows three recovery options: an alternate email, a phone number for SMS text validation and security questions.

Students can configure their profile at the following website:

Security Profile Login

We have provided guides to assist students with this service:

How to setup your BaruchMail Password Recovery Profile

How to reset and recover access to your BaruchMail account

How to update your BaruchMail Password Recovery Profile

Re-Activate your BaruchMail account

In the event that you do not login to your email account for an extended period of time, it will be disabled. While a campus Office365 account will never be actually deleted from the system, the contents of your inbox will be cleared. To reactivate your account, simply follow the instructions that appear on the login screen once you have authenticated with the correct password.

If you experience any problems while attempting to reactivate your account, please contact our Technology Help Desk.