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Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

Property Management Procedures

Faculty/Staff or Department Liaison MUST call BCTC help desk to process:



  1.  Unwanted equipment* 
       (Do not  Discard or Store) 
Call BCTC Help Desk at 646 312-1010 or your Department IT personnel for pick-up of unwanted equipment.
  2.  Relocation of equipment   Complete On-Campus Relocation form, and contact BCTC or Department IT personnel to relocate equipment.
  3.  Damaged equipment Contact BCTC or Department IT personnel for pick up, and proper disposal or repairs.
  4.  Stolen equipment Contact Public Safety (646) 660-6000 and follow Stolen Property Procedures.

* Equipment that is no longer required, whether functional or non-functional.

The Facilities Property Coordinator will contact the Department Liaison to schedule an appointment to scan ALL items, within your department.

Under no conditions may equipment, that is no longer needed or needs to be disposed of, be stored or thrown away by the department. All equipment MUST be turned over to BCTC or your Department IT contact for processing.