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Baruch College Captures First Place in 5th Annual UChicago Midwest Trading Competition

Students Beat 29 Teams at the Nation’s

Premier Algorithmic Trading Competition


L to R: Baruch winning team members Yifan Hu, Jaime Abbariao, Bell Chen, and Dmitriy Treyger


L to R: Baruch winning team members Yifan Hu, Jaime Abbariao, Bell Chen, and Dmitriy Treyger


NEW YORK, NY, May 9, 2017 - Four students from Baruch College won first place in the 5th annual University of Chicago Midwest Trading Competition beating 29 teams from top-tier schools, including Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Northwestern, New York University, Princeton, and University of Chicago.

The event, held on April 8 at the University of Chicago, is the nation’s premier algorithmic trading competition, and attracts undergraduate students from some of the most prestigious schools in Canada and the U.S. At the all-day competition, teams compete in fast-paced simulated trading that challenges the technical and programming abilities of the students. Baruch’s team won both rounds of Options Market Making and placed 4th in the Pairs Trading case during the competition

Baruch’s four-member team comprised of Yifan Hu (’19, Weissman Financial Mathematics); Jaime Abbariao (’17, Weissman Math, ‘17) Bell Chen (’17 Weissman Math); and Dmitriy Treyger (’17 Zicklin Statistics and Quantitative Modeling). Professor Jarrod Pickens was this competition’s coach and accompanied the students to Chicago with Dan Stefanica, the Co-Director of the Financial Engineering MS Program at Baruch College, the top program of its kind in the country.

“We do expect the highest level of achievement from our graduate Baruch MFE students, and they deliver it year in and year out, but the success of our undergraduate students in these trading competitions against undergraduate from the very top schools in the country is completely remarkable and heart-warming,” said Stefanica. “Our undergraduate students know by now that they are second to none in the country in terms of trading talent and ability, and it is a whole new world for them in which everyone regards them as the odds-on favorites everywhere they compete and treat them accordingly.”

A Year of Trading Wins for Baruch Students

According to Stefanica, first place at the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition is the latest victory at the trading competitions that Baruch students took part in during 2017.

In November, Baruch’s team placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Traders@MIT event.Following these wins was first place at the highly prestigious Rotman International Trading Competition in February, with students achieving the third highest all-time score in the competition.

“Winning the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition tops off a trifecta of triumphs for this year alone,” said Stefanica. “Equally impressive is Baruch College’s record of winning four of the past six competitions over the last two years and never lower than second place. These unprecedented accomplishments are a true testament to the skill, acumen, and drive of our students.”

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