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Baruch College Students to Study Abroad in Asia with Freeman-ASIA Awards


Francesca Adamski, standing in a white blouse, half smilingVivian Chen, standing and smiling in a white blouse and black blazerNatalie Chu, standing ad smiling holding her hands to her neckJoyce Yu, sitting and smiling with flowers in the background

From l to r: Francesca Adamski, Vivian Chen, Natalie Chu, and Joyce Yu were awarded Freeman-Asia Scholarships

Four Baruch College students earned Freeman-ASIA awards to study abroad during the fall 2018 semester. The program provides scholarships for undergraduate students in the U.S. to study in East or Southeast Asia.

Freeman-ASIA, sponsored by the Freeman Foundation, seeks to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the United States and countries of East Asia. Through education and educational institutes, the foundation hopes to develop a greater appreciation of Asian cultures, histories, and economies in the United States. At the same time, it aims to cultivate a better understanding of the American people and the country’s institutions and purposes by the peoples of East Asia.

 According to Valeria Hymas, Director of the Office of National and Prestigious Fellowships Advising, this group of students represent the largest number of Baruch applicants who have received Freeman-ASIA awards in one competition. 

 “These type of study abroad opportunities are competitive and the requirements for eligibility can be rigorous,” said Hymas.  “To have four students accepted at once for this prestigious scholarship really speaks to the talent, persistence and ambition of our undergraduates.”

Meet the Freeman-ASIA Students

Francesca Adamski (’20), B.S. Political Science & Sociology, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Destination: Japan

“I firmly believe studying abroad in will aid me in developing my skillset and present me with situations that necessitate maturity, adaptability, and cross-cultural understanding. These are qualities representative of a competitive job candidate and more importantly, a well-rounded individual who is able to establish meaningful connections with all people.”

Vivian Chen (’19), B.B.A. Finance, Zicklin School of Business

Destination: Taiwan

“I hope to use my experience to develop more of an understanding of the economy, political, and social settings in East Asia, especially since I am an Asian-American student. I want to find a career in which I can utilize my unique background and experience to connect people. I would also recommend students to study abroad in Asia since it is so different from what we are accustomed to in the United States.”

Natalie Chu (’19), B.S. Public Affairs, Marxe School of Public and International Affairs

Destination: Japan

“I'm ecstatic to learn about Japan, its history and politics, and its role in globalization. As someone who aspires to be a Foreign Service Officer in the region, this experience will help aid me in my future endeavors. I will be culturally sensitive enough to understand what is going on in other countries, and equipped with the knowledge and communication skills needed to succeed. Not to mention traveling itself is an eye-opening, self-enriching, invaluable experience that you can share and inspire so many others with.”

Joyce Yu (’19), B.B.A. International Business, Zicklin School of Business

Destination: Japan

“With the help of Freeman-ASIA, I am facing less of the financial burden that comes with studying abroad. Being able to immerse myself in Japanese culture and language is the best part of this experience. My Japanese professors have been incredibly supportive, along with Valeria Hymas, and have made this an opportunity to look forward to.”






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