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Academic Appeal Forms

Academic Appeal Forms Academic appeal forms can be downloaded in PDF format or Microsoft Word, or picked up in the Office of the Associate Dean, room 8-265 of the Vertical Campus. Please carefully read the instructions for each type of request.

The Weissman Committee on Academic Standing is based in the Office of the Associate Dean.

These are some of the appeals handled by the committee:

  • Request for W in a course or total resignation after the deadline (tenth week of the term)
  • Request for reinstatement if dismissed
  • Request for an extension to resolve an INC grade
  • Curricular adjustments or waivers of academic rules

All requests should be documented with supporting evidence: medical notes, military papers, etc. The filing of an appeal does not guarantee a favorable decision; the committee weighs all the information presented by the student and arrives at a conclusion based upon the application of College rules and the appropriateness of the request.

The student is informed in writing of the committee’s decision. Students do not appear before the committee.

Application (appeal) to the Weissman Committee on Academic Standing: Download in Word or PDF


The credit overload option allows students to register for 19 to 21 credits in either the spring or fall semesters. For those students seeking permission for the summer sessions a maximum of five courses is allowed, with a limit of three courses in one session.  Students requesting a credit overload for the January intersession may request a maximum of 9 credits. Students exercising the credit overload option will be assessed an Accelerated Study Fee for credit in excess of 18 credits in the fall and spring semesters.  Students within the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to receive a credit overload.  Students enrolled in CSTM and/or ESL courses, or those with unresolved INC grades are not eligible for credit overloads. 

** Students approved for credit overload will be allowed to rescind the request any time before courses officially commence. Once classes begin, students exercising the credit overload option may not withdraw from any courses. **

Please return the completed form to the Office of the Associate Dean (NVC 8-265).

Credit Overload Application (pdf)

Application to take a course Pass/Fail

Only students matriculated in the Weissman School may elect to receive Pass/Fail grades instead of a letter grade in certain courses. Some courses may not be taken with the Pass/Fail option; these are specified in the course descriptions published in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students wishing to take courses on a pass/fail basis must file their requests with the Center for Advisement and Orientation within the first three weeks of class. Please check the Schedule of Classes for specific dates.

Request for a Pass/Fail Grade

EFFECTIVE FALL 2011 for ALL students (new, re-entry, and continuing):

Weissman students may exercise the pass/fail option a maximum of two times during their academic career.  This option may NOT be exercised within the credit area/requirements for a student’s major, minor, toward the fulfillment of Tier I, II, or III of the degree requirements, or toward the additional BA requirements: foreign language, natural science and cultural studies.

Independent Study Forms

Occasionally students wish to pursue an area of study not covered in the college’s course offerings. A student wishing to enroll in an independent study selects a subject in consultation with a faculty advisor, who acts as his or her supervisor. A full description of the project and its specific goals, as well as a preliminary bibliography, and an account of the means of evaluation (papers, exams, etc.) should be included in the written prospectus. Once approved by the faculty advisor and the department chair, the proposal is submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean for school approval.

This form must be filed in the Office of the Associate Dean no later than the following dates during the semester in which the Independent Study is taken:

Fall – September 15                   

Spring – February 15                

Once proposals are approved, students are contacted with registration instructions.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for registration deadlines.

Independent Study Proposal (.pdf)

Additional Academic Forms from the Registrar


Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed. You can either send by mail or bring the application to the Office of the Registrar. Please do not FAX Permit, Nondegree, Re-Entry applications.


Baruch College Office of the Registrar
151 East 25th Street, Box H-850
New York, NY 10010
Attn: Unit

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