Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School Application Timeline


Begin researching available programs –Talk to faculty/alumni/ current students in similar programs –Review grad school directories/ guides; visit school websites –Request informational materials

·Take the required standardized test(s).

·Complete and submit financial aid and external fellowship applications.

·Start exploring financial aid resources, both federal aid and external fellowships.

·Write the first draft of your statement of purpose and
any other writing sample.  Have a mentor offer feedback.

Follow up with schools to make sure your file is complete.

·Find out what standardized test are required for admission, take a practice test, and sign up for the official test.

·Request your letters of recommendation from
faculty, taking care to
provide them with all deadlines and waiver forms.

Visit prospective campuses  if possible, and talk to  faculty/students to help you make your final decision.

Attend Career Center Graduate/ Professional School Workshops; make a
list of requirements and deadlines for each program.

Order official transcripts.

After receiving acceptance from the school of your choice, send in any required deposit, and contact other schools to decline acceptances.

Identify potential writers
for letters of
recommendation and seek their advice.

·Prepare final draft of statement of purpose and writing samples; complete
and mail applications.  Most deadlines are between December 1st and February 15th.

Write thank you notes to people who helped you—make sure to stay in touch with good contacts.

·Order an unofficial
transcript and check for
and correct any discrepancies.

·Apply for any aid available through program; assistantships, fellowships, scholarships etc.



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