Baruch MFE wins the 2012 Rotman International Trading Competition

An open letter from Dan Stefanica, Director, Baruch College Master of Financial Engineering Program

Dear Friends,

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce that the Baruch MFE team WON the 2012 Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) that took place at University of Toronto, where 50 teams representing 44 academic institutions from four continents competed last weekend.

Not only that, but BOTH Baruch MFE teams competing were in Top 5 out of 50 teams:

1. Baruch College
2. Guido Carli University of Rome
3. University of Chicago
4. Baruch College
5. University of Waterloo

7. Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management) 19. Duke University 22. Rutgers University (Financial Mathematics Program) 28. Boston University (Financial Mathematics Program) 33. MIT (last year's winners) 40. Columbia University (Financial Mathematics Program)

Our teams were extremely consistent and followed the pre-designed strategy, not being lured by potential "break-the-bank" strategies, but performing at a very high level throughout the competition.

Quantitative Event Driven Trading: 2nd and 4th place
Commodities Trading: 4th and 5th place
Sales and Trader: 5th and 5th place
High Frequency Algorithmic Trading: 4th and 7th place
Options Trading: 10th and 13th place
Quantitative Outcry: 12th and 22nd place

Congratulations to our Baruch MFE winners, Alexei Smirnov, Alex Hawat, Andrew Chan, Gama Le Bouder, Tom Maloney, Victor Chen, Yike Lu, and Zhechao Zhou!

The team was prepared by Eugne Krel (Baruch MFE'09) who did a tremendous job over many months, and was led in Toronto by Eugene and Professor Rados Radoicic.

Our students formed a real TEAM - helping each other trade better and focusing on the overall P&L and the success as a team, not on individual performance or the relative standing of the two teams.

Very happy to be able to bring you this news,


The City University of New York