A Philosophy of a Liberal Arts Education

A Philosophy of a Liberal Arts Education The faculty and staff of the Weissman School are committed to the most ambitious aims of an undergraduate education in the arts and sciences: to encourage the growth of our students as citizens, as future professionals, and as human beings. This commitment informs all of our efforts to promote the acquisition of superior communication and quantitative skills, the development of critical and analytical abilities, and the cultivation of aesthetic, ethical, civic, and cross-cultural awareness.

Whether students come to us with the intention of majoring in one of our own subjects or go on to major in business or public affairs, a belief in the value of learning in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences is at the core of our mission as a school and shapes the experience of a Weissman education. Our faculty members exemplify this commitment in their own work, which includes distinguished contributions to their fields; and we aim to create an environment in which research, scholarship, and creative activity can flourish.

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